Self-service (BI) Analytics

March 2019

Read Time: 4 minutes

As we discussed in earlier article why Traditional Business Intelligence techniques are failing to resolve today’s Business problems, we would try to get to solution(s) for that.

Current focus of BI and analytics platform markets is shifting from IT-led reporting to business-led self-service analytics. There are number of tools are available for providing solutions around this: Power BI, Tableau, QlikView/Qlik Sense etc.

Self-Service Analytics is a form of business intelligence (BI) in which line-of-business professionals are enabled and encouraged to perform queries and generate reports on their own, with nominal IT support. Self-service analytics is often characterized by simple-to-use BI tools with basic analytic capabilities and an underlying data model that has been simplified or scaled down for ease of understanding and straightforward data access.

Some of the important features it brings to the table is following:

  1. Ease of Use : These are tools very easy to learn within few days by Business analytics resource as well who do not need to possess any specific technology.This helps to take care of issues that come to fore due to knowledge gaps between technical team and business team.
  2. Advanced Analytics: despite being self-service tools they enable business resource to get to multidimensional analytics of the business data by few clicks.
  3. Data Preparation : These self-service tools help in great way by providing built in features and tool for IT team to prepare data very easily for doing analytics.
  4. Faster cycle to change anything required for analytics due to factors above
  5. Cost is quite less compared to traditional BI due to lesser cycle of work and lesser involvement of IT resources.

It won't be wrong to say that in few months/years these tools pay for themselves by saving the cost and bringing the business value to the company. There is no "one tool fit to all" business problem use case but these self-service analytics tools are definitely worth exploring further by each business.

Author: Amit Singh: Executive Director, Co-head, Enterprise Technology and Services, Avendus Capital