Ever experience a relationship that wasn’t a good fit? You may like them, but as hard as you try, there’s a key connection missing, causing miscommunication and additional challenges that drive you apart. And it’s often an obvious contrast when you do find the right fit and can move forward with the relationship effortlessly. The […]

In the coming five years the automobile landscape will change more rapidly than it has done in the last century and customer satisfaction (CX) is expected to be the primary battlefield. Through our many conversations with automobile customers, we(Sitecore) understand how enthusiastic many within the industry are over the emergence of new technology for mobility […]

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) has been recognized as an essential tool for brands across every sector. In the quest towards unlocking the potential of their customer information The first step was to put all the data organized. The CDP can help and is the best place to store and manage all of your information […]

In collaboration with Sitecore, Econsultancy has launched an updated report called Financial Service Focus: Can companies respond to customers’ new-level expectations in the digital age? – exploring challenges and opportunities facing firms operating in the field. Based on a poll of 201 senior executives from the financial sector and 155 respondents from different industries The […]


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