A Complete Guide to "Boost Your Hiring"

Many companies’ experiences that after Pandemic Hiring an Employee become such a great challenge. It difficult to accelerate the speed and enhance the quality and productivity of hiring. I would say Referrals can be a great way to get talent and make it easier to fill more positions in a shorter time but this not the only way. Here in this book I am discussing in Depth about Boost your Hiring.

Proven ways to improve your Talent Acquisition Strategy.

The pressure on HR and TA Teams to find the Right Talent is increasing nowadays in any company. We discuss few proven ways to improve your talent acquisition strategy. 

  1. Enhance company Credibility
  2. Make Salary Competitive
  3. Have the right Culture in company
  4. Show full Commitment to strategy
  5. Set Challenging but achievable goals and outcomes

Not only Attracting but Retaining the Tops Talent is also a Challenging for Employers.

Employers are now offering better benefits and higher salaries as a way to attract top talent. However, not all companies have the budget to pay the high salary so they are forced to find new ways to retain their employees. Even when you offer more compensation and other incentives, this doesn’t guarantee long-term success. Therefore great focus is required on the hiring process since ,as per survey, 20% of a company’s turnover occurs within the first 45 days.