Step 4: Actions to file H1B Petition

It consists of following steps below.

  1. Once you decide to get engaged with your sponsor/Akscellence after making a decision to file an H1B petition this year, further communication would happen by email.For Akscellence, 
    1. Please convey your decision / confirmation to .We’ll confirm back and suggest next action points by responding to that email.
  2. Akscellence to talk to H1b applicant and inform about the next steps in the process;
    1. Akscellence to share “Akscellence -Security Deposit Agreement” by email
    2. Applicant to send signed copy to Akscellence and do money transfer
    3. Akscellence to send countersigned copy and confirmation to have received money
  3. Akscellence to initiate process with USA lawyer 
  4. Applicant would receive email from USA lawyer 
  5. Applicant to prepare documentation and submit to lawyer’s portal
  6. Akscellence to provide Employer documents to USA lawyer
  7. USA lawyer to file H1B documents and confirm by email
  8. H1B petition receipt once generated by USCIS is shared with all parties, applicant and Akscellence.
  9. Monitor H1B petition receipt number can be used by anyone to see status of H1B petition application on USCIS.

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