Step 2: Documents Required to file H1B Petition

Each applicant mselected in H1B registration , should start creating a scan copy of the following documents as preparation to file the H1B petition. Sponsor company would ask you to upload these to a portal or sed by email:

  1. Copy of passport(s) – Scan relevant pages only(first few and last few pages(non-blank only), other non-blank pages in the middle, , if any)– do not send scan of blank pages
  2. Copy of latest resume (list title/dates by employer/company not client/project names)
    1. We’ll provide example of it to understand during discussion, 
    2. In each project in your CV , replace client name by Employer name since the USA is interested in your employer history not project clients history. See the example below on how to show/ describe each project in CV:

Project 1: <Create Portal for client>

Client@ <EmployerCompanyName>

<May 2021 >– <Mar 2022>

Position: <Web Developer>

3. Copy of all educational docs and certifications (with degree certificates/ transcripts/ mark sheets) (certificates of earlier than degree isn’t required)

a. Foreign Credential Evaluation – USA lawyers get this prepared based on certificates.For most of first time applicants this needs to be created.

4. Copies of work experience letters from current/previous employers

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