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For hiring a candidate on a C2C (corp-to-corp) basis in the USA, you would typically need to work with a staffing agency but Now in our Case. we have an Immediately Available Candidate to Hire in the USA for your Company on C2C Basis.

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Our Deployable Candidates:

Here are Some of our Ready to work, Immediately Available to Hire Candidate in the USA

Mayank Raj Singh

Role: Lead ETL Developer,(7+ Year Exp)
Location: Anywhere in USA

Senior ETL Developer with more than 7+ Years of Experience in Data Warehousing/Data integration/ Software Development/ System Analysis. Experience in advanced Abinitio concepts like ICFF, PDL & Continuous Flows.
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Shubhayu Gupta

Role: Design Lead Ab Initio/Hadoop
Location: Anywhere in USA

Immediate available to deploy in USA, ETL Architect - Abinitio Consultant GDE V-, Co-op, Conduct-It, Control Centre, EME, PDL's and Performance Tuning and optimisation .
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Venkata Sujatha Tokala

Role: Test Specialist
Location: Anywhere in USA

Having 12+ years of experience in IT in the role of Test Specialist, both manual and automation testing in Web and Mobile applications. Proficiency and experience in Agile, Project management, and client-focused, enhancing operations& delivers the highest business value.
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Ravi Shekhar

Role: Senior Front-End Developer
Location: Anywhere in the USA

Having 5+ years of experience in IT and Important Skills: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Saas, Material Design, Angular Framework, JavaScript (Proficient), Python (Basics+) Library - RxJs Library, ML5, P5, NGX. Tools – Npm, web pack, parcel, Git, Angular Cli, Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket, Swagger
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Sonali Tyagi

Role: Network Security Consulting Engineer-III
Location: Houston,TX only

5+ years of professional experience in Network and Security. Currently working as Network Security Consulting Engineer-III and managing multiple critical accounts and projects. Proficient in Consulting, Planning, designing, and Implementation of a secure network to meet the client’s goals & requirements.
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Role: C# .Net Application Developer
Location: Anywhere in the USA

He has over 11 years of experience in C# .Net Application Development, Application Support in various business applications, Qualification as per CSV procedure and Implementation. Expertise in New Implementation & Migration, Server configuration, WCF, LINQ, JavaScript, JQuery, and Android mobility applications.
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What is C2C (Contractor to Contractor) hiring?

C2C (Contractor to Contractor) hiring refers to a model of staffing where a company hires a contract worker through a staffing consultancy or similar domain companies instead of an employee. In this model, the staffing consultancy is the employer of record for the contractor, and the company becomes the consultancy client. Here are a few ways that C2C hiring can help companies:

  1. Flexibility: Companies can easily ramp up or down their staffing levels based on their business needs without worrying about the long-term commitment of hiring employees.
  2. Cost savings: C2C hiring allows companies to reduce their direct labor costs and shift certain responsibilities, such as benefits and payroll taxes, to the staffing agency.
  3. Access to talent: Companies can access a wider pool of talent and expertise through C2C hiring. This is particularly useful for organizations that need specialized skills on a project-by-project basis.
  4. Reduced risk: Companies are not required to invest in hiring, training, and managing new employees, which can result in lower risk and reduced administrative overhead.
  5. Increased efficiency: Staffing agencies can handle the hiring process, freeing up time and resources for companies to focus on their core business operations.

Overall, C2C hiring can provide companies with the flexibility, cost savings, and access to the talent they need to meet their business objectives while reducing the risk and administrative overhead associated with traditional employee hiring.

We understand the challenges that come with finding the right talent for your company, and that’s why we’d like to introduce you to our c2c hiring services.

We would love the opportunity to discuss our c2c hiring services in more detail and how they can benefit your company. If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to connect with us. 👉

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