Step 5: Visa Stamping Process

It consists of following steps

Following are the actions to do after you receive a copy of the “Approval Notice” of the H1 petition. (you can start your application and do step 1 below while you are waiting for a copy of the approved petition)

  1. Go to State Website, fill in the form, and submit it. It generates an application number, you can save a PDF of the filled-in application. 
  2. Go to this Fees Page to pay a fee for Visa stamping (close to 14000 INR), which gives you the payment receipt number
  3. Using the same link, step 2  asks you to enter the payment receipt and then shows you the available stamping date for the selected USA consulate location(in India). You select the available date and time and print the confirmation(MUST step). You need to carry this confirmation when you visit the consulate. It suggests a list of documents to carry for stamping.
  4. you can check your Visa status after the USA consulate interview using this link.

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