Step 1: H1B Petition overall Process: 

It consists of following actions between March and October every year.

1. File H1B Registration(i.e. H1B lottery in March every year) : Typically an applicant’s sponsor company files an H1B registration request in a 2 weeks window given by USCIS for that year, typically the first 2 weeks of the March of every year. USCIS declares actual dates to the sponsor company. Each potential applicant needs to find an sponsor who can file his/her H1B registration.

H1B registration process generates a receipt number for each candidate and shares with sponsor company only. This receipt number can’t be used for any tracking purposes by anyone. Only sponsor company is intimated about any change in status.

At this stage all communications are between USCIS and the sponsor company only and only through the USCIS portal.

2. File H1B petition (between 1 April to 30 June window): If an applicant is selected in stage 1 above (H1B registration/lottery), one is eligible to file H1B petition. You need to submit certain documents to USCIS (USA department which processes your Visa application) through your USA employer (Akscellence).Akscellence(any sponsor company) hires USA lawyer to file H1B petition.

We do share list of documents required in more detail to each applicant. 

We plan to finish this process to file your H1B petition by April end though we have time till 30 June to apply for your H1b petition.

3. Result of H1B petition ( 1 Jul onwards ): After you apply for H1B petition(step 2 above), its result is announced typically in 2-4 months from July  onwards typically.If your H1B petition is approved , H1B petition’s approval papers (hard copy) are sent to Akscellence’ s lawyer which in turn sends it to Akscellence. 

Sometime there is RFE(Request for Evidence)/RFIE(Requesr For Initial Evidence) during this process for few applicants, Through RFE/RFIE notice, USCIS asks applicant to share some additonal documents or information to support the application and decide for proper qualification for H1B Visa. Lawyer helps to file RFE/RFIE accordingly ith help of applicant and sponsor.This may cause further delay in the process.

4. Visa stamping  needs to be done any time after the H1B petition “Approval Notice” is received by an applicant. Visa stamping is done in any US consulate(embassy) office located in India(any other country).

5. Apply for Jobs in the USA (Placement Only 1 Oct onwards) : Once all 3 steps above are done ,you are eligible to apply for Job in the USA. Akscellence would help to find a job for you in the USA with its existing clients(IBM, Regal Rexnord to name a few) who have many jobs open across multiple skills. Akscellence has many other partner staffing companies through which you can be placed in the USA for Job. Once you get a Job in the USA you can decide to fly to the USA and join the job location.

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